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Machine control

MaskinSystem sells, assembles and rents machine control systems for all types of machines in the construction industry, such as graders, crawler excavators, excavators, asphalt cutters and more. We establish GNSS/GPS base stations with associated range control and planning for their optimization, or alternatively provide you with a VRS solution. We also carry out surveying/staking out, quantity calculations, interpretation of drawings and production of models for geodetic machine control.

We offer support, service and financing for future machine control investments!
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Surveying instruments

MaskinSystem sells lasers and man-mounted GPS, which of course means that we also offer service, support and warranty for these products. Our customers are offered smart, cost-effective solutions. MaskinSystem stocks the most common products in stores where we also have service, support and a customer-friendly approach. We are your brand-independent service and support partner for your measuring equipment.

We cooperate with leading manufacturers and are constantly updated on both new and old products in the segment. Everything to help the customer with cost-effective and smart solutions.

Brands we stock

Vehicles & machines
MaskinSystem helps you with your new machine, regardless of the current situation. We have solutions where we can sell the machine to you directly, or offer financing where you can pay it off and thus maintain liquidity in the company until stability is achieved. Finally, we can also rent out machines to companies that want to keep their costs down. This is suitable for companies that need a good machine for a temporary project but do not need to own the machine.
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  • Workshop service
Brands and accessories for sale

It is common for a machine for a selected task to require additional equipment, both for the technical part with control and measurement, but also external parts such as buckets etc. Therefore, we have a close collaboration with the largest manufacturers in the field and offer a machine with the right equipment, right installation, ready to use right from the start. Simply smart!