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Metsjö – MetaE

Metsjö is now launching a new dump truck for contracting, the MetaE. The trailer is intended to be pulled by an excavator or tractor and aims to load the toughest materials such as stones and dumper masses. MetaE holds 5.8 cubic meters and takes 8 tons of payload. The wagon is very solidly built with a flat bed consisting of 8mm Hardox 450 and a chassis in high-strength steel.


Nordic Machine Systems

NMS DVG series wagons are specially developed to be used behind a wheeled excavator. A uniquely designed flatbed with rounded front stem and dumper rear makes it very easy to dig out material from the flatbed. The flat bed is made in one piece so that the bucket does not get stuck in welding joints. Decreasing height of flat sides gives you a good view from the driver’s cab. Bolted drawbar gives the possibility to adjust the height of the drawbar and adapt the trailer to different excavators. Even the towing eye or ball hitch is bolted so that you can change these quickly as needed. Thanks to the dumper tail, you don’t need a tailgate and because that, no extra hydraulics.

High tipping angle between 60-70 degrees means that the material can be tipped off easily. The tipping piston on DVG wagons is partially or completely chrome-plated to avoid rust damage. All our DVG wagons have a bed made of hard-wearing, high-strength steel Hardox 450. As standard, all DVG wagons have a swiveling support leg, upper part of the front trunk, optional pull, LED rear light and parking blocks. As accessories, you can choose 2 or 4-wheel brakes, underrun barriers, wider wheels and mudguards. We also offer any color.

DVG 65

DVG65 is the smallest trailer in the DVG series and is intended for use with smaller excavators. Despite that, the trailer has a strong and stable frame and hard-wearing Hardox 450 flatbed. With strong 80mm hubs and 400/65-15.5 wheels, it can carry up to 6.5 tons of material. The cart is single-axled, which gives it very good maneuverability. With 500/50-17 wheels, the cart can be loaded with 7 tons of material.


Product specifications
DVG 80

DVG80 is ideally suited to medium-sized excavators. With a strong and wide frame, it is very stable to drive even on uneven terrain. A trolley that can carry up to 8 tons of material. The trolley can be fitted with various towing eyes and ball tows.


Product specifications
DVG 95

DVG95 is the largest cart in the series and our bestseller. With a strong extra reinforced frame and Hardox 450 flatbed of 5m3, it is built to carry up to 9.5 tons of material and is perfectly suited to larger excavators, a real tool for professionals! Adjustable draft in height facilitates adaptation to different machines. The trolley can be fitted with various towing eyes and ball tows.


Product specifications
DVC 80

The DVC80 is our hybrid wagon. The wagon has a similar frame and rounded front trunk on a flatbed as the DVG80, but is equipped with a combi tailgate. That trailer is suitable for those who want to combine material driving, excavation from the flatbed with driving tools or other goods. The tailgate is top/side hinged which can be opened and locked to the side. The trailer can also be equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic shaft/spreader hatch or combined with a top/side-hung tailgate.


Product specifications
Excavator buckets

Our excavator buckets and other equipment for excavators are manufactured in accordance with very high quality requirements and are intended for professional use.

Several models of our buckets and our equipment have been developed in collaboration with our customers to ensure maximum functionality and lifespan for the products. We have a wide range of NMS buckets with accessories available, with a main focus on machines from 10 tonnes. In our assortment you will also find buckets for wheel loaders and various types of lifting equipment.

NVA 630

Volume: 630L

NVA 940

Volume: 940L

RPL 650

Volume: 650L

RPL 1100

Volym: 1100L

KAB 280

Volym: 280L

ATR 450

Diameter mm: 450

TJK 100

Diameter mm: 100

Retailer SE Equipment

We offer you a wide range of quality products from SE Equipment. Contact Lisa Lindell for a quote, for more information click below.


Our swap bodies and containers have the best ratio between price and quality on the market. Thanks to high-quality functional details, NMS tap changer products are very user-friendly. All our gravel trays have been manufactured from HARDOX and KINNEGRIP locking systems, which ensures long-term and problem-free use.

Gravel dumpers
Product specifications
Machine dumpers
Product specifications
Leveling bar

Our leveling beam makes planning work fast and efficient.
Our products are known for their high quality – they are durable and have an eye-catching design. A leveling beam is a necessary tool for every (wheel) excavator.

Retailer Risa

Vid has in our range equipment for washing road signs, tunnels and bridges. Equipment for automatic deployment and removal of snow poles. Equipment for road marking and traffic warning signs. Contact Lisa Lindell for a quote, for more information click below.