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Makin’ Cloud Webinar

Webinar about “Makin’ Cloud” – Moved forward, new date soon

Here I, Wai-Lok Lam, Training and Development Manager at MaskinSystem AB will go through and guide how the new Makin’ Cloud platform works.

Makin’ Cloud: A central part of the Makin’ 3D platform

Makin’ Cloud is a cloud-based platform that is a central component of the Makin’ 3D system. The platform handles all login, license management, project management and model management, making it a powerful and user-friendly solution for both new and experienced users.

Webinar for both new and existing users

New users:

  • Start familiarizing yourself with the platform by going through “Starting for the first time”
  • Gives you an introduction to the platform’s features and tools

Existing users:

  • Refresh your memory about the features and functions of the platform
  • New features and appearance with our latest update
  • You may also consider clearing the organization database for a fresh start

Fill out the registration form on the right, and we’ll email you a link as it approaches.

Hope we’ll see each other!

Greetings Wai-Lok Lam, Training and Development Manager at MaskinSystem AB


Date: Moved forward, new date shortly
Time: –
Moderator: Wai-Lok Lam


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